Situations where human intervention is needed instead of AI

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This blog explains the limitations and situations where AI does a subpar job and where human input should be used.

Situations where human intervention is needed instead of AI

  • Humans with experience in a professional field can understand the parameters better than an AI.
  • An AI can understand with more information, but there are cases where:
    • In scenarios where the situation is too complex and automation would create useless or bad results. Especially in scenarios such as:
      • With uncertainty
      • Ambiguity

Although it is possible to create a model that would consider the aspects of the situation uncertainty, you will not know for sure that the AI's decisions will be good. Therefore, it is important to use human intellect that can process ambiguity and uncertainty more accurately.

Cases where humans should be used instead of AI

Humans can make a faster and more correct decision in these cases:

  • Creativity and strategic creativity
  • Empathy and emotional understanding
  • Social and cultural context
  • Ethics and moral decision-making
  • Complex negotiation
  • Unstructured problem solving


AI is very useful in many situations and can easily adapt to situations of increasing complexity. But that does not mean that AI should be used in all parts of decision-making because AI has its limits with which AI will not make worse decisions than a human could. Even more, it would be useless to try to implement decision automation in areas where AI has limits, such as creativity, in which humans excel.